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Alodine 1132 Touch-N-Prep Light Metals Conversion Coating
Aquence 866 Coating Economical, low bake, environmentally friendly corrosion protection coating for steel parts
Bonderite 181X
BONDERITE C-SO 577 WB WATER BORNE SOLVENT Purge solvent, waterbased cleaner
BONDERITE M-CR K-702 SLK CHROMATE TREATMENT Conversion coating process for formed aluminum cans
DTI 360 Coolant
DTI 8100-A Post Lube
Frekote B-15 Mold Release Sealer
Hysol EA 9258.1 Primer
Hysol EA9360 Part B
Hysol EO1080 Low CTE version of EO1016.
Hysol ES1000 Black, low cost, flexible, capable of UL94HB, resistant to thermal shock, non-abrasive filled, high impact strength, long pot life
Hysol ES1005
Hysol ES1300
Hysol ES1900 Clear, low shrinkage, excellent chemical resistance, strong bond to substrates
Hysol ES1902 Hysol ES1902 is a clear, room temperature cure, transparent, very fast UV gel, excellent dimensional stability and low viscosity; easy to handle.
Hysol ES2202 Hysol ES2202 withstands high heat distortion temperature, Excellent chemical resistance, excellent performance under high moisture and humidity.
Hysol ES2207 High heat distortion temperature, low expansion, dimensionally stable
Hysol ES2500 Black, fast gel, capable of UL1446 to 180C and UL94HB at 6mm, Easy handling, resilient
Hysol ES2501
Hysol ES4212
Hysol ES6020
Hysol FP4460 Hysol FP4460 is a general purpose, high purity, low stress glob top semiconductor encapsulant with improved moisture resistance and working life compared to earlier generation products.
Hysol FP4470 High adhesion version of FP4450 for 260°C L3 JEDEC performance.
Hysol FP4545FC Hysol FP4545FC is a low viscosity version of FP4548FC
Hysol GR2710
Hysol GR640MOD
Hysol GR750
Hysol GR828D
Hysol GR9810-1 Technologically advanced epoxy molding compound designed for use as an overmold on a wide variety of laminate based molded array packages including SIP and flip-chip array packages that have been conventionally underfilled
Hysol GR9825
Hysol GR9851M State-of-the-art epoxy molding compound developed to meet the encapsulation requirements of memory card (MMC) devices.
Hysol Huawei KL-1000-4T Lowest cost of ownership with superior moldability and reliability, extremely suitable for DIP packages
Hysol Huawei KL-8000H
Hysol KL-G730 HYSOL KL-G730 epoxy molding compound delivers outstanding performance and ease of use. This material is designed to achieve JEDEC Level 1 requirements, at 260°C reflow temperature. Hysol KL-G730 offers enhanced reliability peformance for T/LQFP packages. KL-G730 meets UL 94 V-0 flammability at 3.175mm thickness.
Hysol MG45F-0459LS Delivers a high thermal conductive solution for TO-220F/3PF's thermal requirements, low moisture absorption and low thermal expansion
Hysol PC51
Hysol PC55
Hysol QMI519 QMI519 is a silver filled conductive adhesive for attachment of integrated circuits and components to metal leadframes advanced substrates.
Hysol QMI529HT General conductive, die attach adhesive
Hysol QMI529LS Low stress, silver-filled, low bleed conductive die attach adhesive specifically recommended for Ag/Cu and bare Cu lead frame applications
Hysol QMI536UV
Hysol US5538
Hysol US5544
Hysol® EA 9359.3™
Hysol® EA 9360™
Hysol® EA 9371™
Hysol® EA 9396.6MD™
Hysol® EA 956™
Hysol® EA 9815™
Hysol® EA 9895™
Hysol® Huawei KL-4000-1TM
Hysol® Huawei KL-5000-HTTM
Hysol® Huawei KL-G300ATM
Hysol® Huawei KL-G800HTM
Hysol® Huawei KL-G850TM
Hysol® MG15F-0140RTM
Hysol® MG35FTM
Hysol® OP2000TM
Hysol® PC28STDTM
Hysol® PL 639™
Hysol® PL 685™
Hysol® PL 737™
Hysol® PL 780-1™
Loctite 3100 Light Cure Adhesive
Loctite 3301 Light Cure Adhesive, Plastic/Metal Low viscosity, slightly flexible, UV/V light cure adhesive.
Loctite 3509 Loctite 3509 is a one component heat cure epoxy designed for use as board level cornerbond for IC packages such as CSP's and BGA's.
Loctite 3548 Loctite 3548 is a next generation reworkable underfill for thermal and mechanical reliability.
Loctite 3551 Loctite 3551 is a one component heat cure epoxy designed for use as board level underfill for IC packages such as CSP's and BGA's.
Loctite 3554 Indigo Light Cure Adhesive
Loctite 3556 Indigo Light Cure Adhesive Acrylic, high viscosity, fluorescing, visible light cure medical device adhesive.
Loctite 3589 Medical Device Adhesive
Loctite 3590 Medical Device Adhesive
LOCTITE 3629 Designed for the bonding of surface mounted devices to printed circuit boards prior to wave soldering.
Loctite 3674 Medical Device Adhesive
Loctite 382 Tak Pak Ultra Performance Instant Adhesive High viscosity instant adhesive, one part, room temperature cure.
Loctite 3866 Low viscosity epoxy resin
Loctite 3926 Light Cure Adhesive, Plastic/Metal High viscosity, fluorescing, UV/V light curing medical device adhesive with sterilization resistance.
Loctite 3942 Light Cure Adhesive Medium viscosity, fluorescing, UV/V light curing biocompatible adhesive with sterilization resistance.
Loctite 3943 Light Cure Adhesive, High Performance/Various Substrates
Loctite 3971 Light Cure Adhesive Low viscosity, UV/V light curing medical device adhesve, fluorescing.
Loctite 3972 Light Cure Adhesive Medium viscosity, UV/V light curing medical device adhesive, fluorescing.
LOCTITE 4090 Hybrid Adhesive LOCTITE® 4090™ is an innovative hybrid adhesive that combines the bond strength and speed you need to solve your design and assembly challenges.
Loctite 4304 Medical Device Adhesive
Loctite 455 Prism Instant Adhesive Gel, Low Odor / Low Bloom
Loctite 5031 Nuva-Sil Silicone Light Cure Potting Compound
Loctite 5033 Nuva-Sil Silicone Light Cure Adhesive / Sealant
Loctite 5039 Nuva-Sil Silicone Light Cure Adhesive / Sealant
Loctite 5127 Flexible Anaerobic Gasket
Loctite 5296 Loctite 5296 is a heat cure silicone that can be applied with brush, dip or spray. High reliability automotive. Clear.
Loctite 5572 Adhesive
Loctite 5951 Fastgasket Flange Sealant
Loctite 9412 Hysol Epoxy Adhesive
Loctite 9433 Hysol Epoxy Adhesive
Loctite 9462 Hysol Epoxy Structural Adhesive
Loctite Anti-Seize
Loctite Big Foot Water Based Primer/Sealer
Loctite Disc Brake Quiet Stick
LOCTITE EA 2000 Nitrile / phenolic, water based primer
LOCTITE EA 9320NA Toughened paste, high peel, two component, ambient cure, 180°F/82°C service

LOCTITE EA 9323 is a filled paste, 250°F/121°C service temperature, ambient cure

LOCTITE EF 557 12IN X 24IN 20SF/BOX Epoxy core splice, 350°F/177°C service temperature

One-component epoxy potting compound, formulated to protect sensors used in harsh environments, such as automotive applications

Loctite Extreme Pressure Grease
Loctite Fixmaster Fast Set Grout
Loctite Fixmaster Fast Set Steel Putty
Loctite Form-A-Thread Stripped Thread Repair
Loctite H3000 Speedbonder Structural Adhesive, General Purpose
Loctite Hysol MG46F-AM
Loctite M-11FL Hysol Medical Device Urethane Adhesive
Loctite Non-Chlorinated Parts Cleaner
Loctite Nonflammable Electrical Contact Cleaner
Loctite Pipe Joint Compound
Loctite U-05FL Hysol Urethane Structural Adhesive, High Strength
Loctite U-09LV Hysol Urethane Structural Adhesive, Low Viscosity
P3 200 Paint Line Cleaner
P3 2227A Oven Cleaner
P3 2250 UF E-Coat Cleaner
P3 Forge 180
P3 Forge 185
P3 Forge 4774
P3 Forge 5300
P3 Parco 2407A Detack
P3 Parcosol 307
P3 Prevox 4141
P3 Prevox 5800
P3 Saf-T-Clean 104

Medium setting adhesive


High performance, polyamide hot melt

TECHNOMELT PA 7901 Low viscosity polyamide
Terocore 16000 Series
Terocore 2000 Series
Terocore Series
Terokal 5011
Terophon 21000 Series
Terophon 22000 Series
Terophon 24000 Series
Terophon 40000 Series
Terostat 06-1201
Terostat 11000 Series
Terostat 1805
Terostat 19000 Series
Terostat 27000 Series
Terostat 28000 Series
Terostat 5918
Terostat MS 9371B
Terotex CTA-500 Non-PVC expandable underbody coating and seam sealer
Terotex PTA-188-1 Paint shop underbody/interior coating
Turco® 5948-DPM™ Thick
Turco® 5948-R™
Turco® WO #1™