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BONDERITE C-AK 5800 Clear, colorless, alkaline industrial spray cleaner for parts with high degreasing performance on cast iron, steel and plastic parts which also provides temporary rust prevention.
BONDERITE C-IC 3293 ACID CLEANER BONDERITE C-IC 3293 (known as POLYPREP CLEANER 3293) is an acidic cleaner formulated primarily for cleaning
BONDERITE C-IC 7005 BONDERITE C-IC 7005 (known as AQUENCE 7005) Cleaner is an acidic composition, which when diluted with water,
BONDERITE C-MC STC 104 General maintenance cleaner
BONDERITE C-MC STC 116 BONDERITE C-MC STC 116 (known as P3 SAF-T-CLEAN 116) is a non-methylene chloride, low foaming, low V.O.C. paint remover for uncured paint. This stripper does not contain chlorinated solvent or naphthalene. It is usually applied by mop and bucket to the interior walls and floor of a spray booth and surrounding area. If preferred, BONDERITE C-MC STC 116 (known as P3 SAF-T-CLEAN 116) may be applied by brush or other suitable means.
BONDERITE C-NE 200 Yellow to light-brown, neutral, all-purpose, aqueous industrial parts cleaner dip for final and intermediate cleaning. Multi-metals compatible with good corrosion protection.
BONDERITE C-NE 3300 Clear, light-yellowish, neutral, water-based industrial parts liquid cleaner which contains organic corrosion inhibitors suitable for a range of processes and multi metals.
BONDERITE C-SO 283 Blended solvents
BONDERITE C-SO 307 SOLVENT CLEANER BONDERITE C-SO 307 (known as PARCOSOL 307) is a HAP’s compliant (Hazardous Air Pollutant) 60 F flash point
BONDERITE C-SO 577 WB WATER BORNE SOLVENT BONDERITE C-SO 577WB (known as PARCOSOL 577WB) is a HAP’s Free Low VOC water soluble proprietary activator / amine purge blend used for internal and external cleaning of waterborne paint application equipment.
BONDERITE C-SO PAINT 200 SOLVENT PAINT LINE CLEANER Water-based, paint line cleaner
BONDERITE L-FG 345 ACHESON GRAPHITE FORGING LUBRICANT Water soluble semi-synthetic lubricant used for hot forging steel parts
BONDERITE L-FG 4258 GRAPHITE FORGING LUBRICANT ACHESON Water dilute-able lubricant used when hot forging steel parts
BONDERITE L-FM I-102 BODYMAKER COOLANT ACHESON Biostable bodymaker coolant for drawing and ironing of aluminum beverage cans
BONDERITE L-GP 39SY20 (235 PENT) GEAR MARKING COMPOUND Pigmented lubricant for checking the alignment of matched gear sets
BONDERITE L-GP 4141 CORROSION INHIBITOR High flash, low residue rust preventative
BONDERITE M-NT 1 Green alternative to conventional iron phosphate used on steel, zinc and aluminum surfaces.
BONDERITE M-NT 404 CONVERSION COATING Conversion coating process for formed aluminum cans
BONDERITE M-ZN 910 R G Formulated for spray application on multi-metal substrates prior to electrocoating.
BONDERITE M-ZN 952 Clear, environmently friendly, tricationic zinc phosphate surface pre-treatment liquid coating for metals. Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance properties. Quick process.
BONDERITE S-OT HI-LITE 2495 ACHESON DEFECT HI-LIGHTER operate over a fairly wide temperature range of 110° Fahrenheit to 160° Fahrenheit and can be used for both spray and
BONDERITE S-PD 2491 Paint detackifier
BONDERITE S-PD 810 Neutral coagulant for detacking over-sprayed solvent-based paints. Contains corrosion inhibitor.
BONDERITE S-PD 828 Neutral coagulant for detacking over sprayed water-based and solvent-based paints. Best applied in low concentrations.
BONDERITE S-PR 6776 Clear, yellowish, industrial dip/spray liquid parts pre-machining cleaner for and post-machining corrosion protection for long term storage. Suitable for multi-metals.
Chemacid 3500
Hysol ES1005
Hysol ES2200
Hysol ES2203
HYSOL ES2500 Black, fast gel, capable of UL1446 to 180C and UL94HB at 6mm, Easy handling, resilient
Hysol ES2501
Hysol ES2502
Hysol® EA 9361™
LOCTITE 243 Threadlocking Adhesive - medium strength. General purpose. Suitable for all metal threaded assemblies.
LOCTITE 3509 One component heat cure epoxy designed for use as board level cornerbond for IC packages such as CSP's and BGA's.
LOCTITE 3517 One part, heat curable epoxy. It is designed for use as a reworkable CSP (FBGA) or BGA underfill for protection of solder joint against mechanical stress when used for hand held electronics devices.
LOCTITE 3518 One part, heat curable epoxy, designed as non-reworkable CSP/BGA underfill for protection of solder joint against mechanical stress when used for hand held electronics devices
LOCTITE 3549 Next generation reworkable underfill for thermal and mechanical reliability.
LOCTITE 3629 Designed for the bonding of surface mounted devices to printed circuit boards prior to wave soldering.
LOCTITE 3693 Resinaid
LOCTITE 382 LOCTITE 382 is a transparent, colorless, general purpose, instant adhesive gel with a fixture time of 20 - 40 secs.
LOCTITE 4203 Toughened thermally resistant instant adhesive
LOCTITE 4306 Ethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive with photo-initiator designed for bonding applications that require very rapid fixturing, fillet cure or surface cure.
LOCTITE 455 General purpose alkoxyethyl cyanoacrylate adhesive gel with low odor and low blooming properties suitable where vapor control is difficult.
LOCTITE 509 Methacrylate ester acrylic paste sealant which provides resistance to low pressures immediately after assembly of flanges.
LOCTITE 5117 Non-hardening, brushable liquid thread sealant designed for general purpose locking and sealing of metal threaded pipes and fittings.
LOCTITE 5127 Methacrylate ester acrylic paste which improves flange-sealing reliability. It provides a tough, resilient, solvent and temperature resistant seal
LOCTITE 5296 Heat cure silicone that can be applied with brush, dip or spray. High reliability automotive. Clear.
LOCTITE 534 Wax-like, methacrylate ester acrylic is a tacking/dressing agent in a self-feeding stick for use in conjunction with cork and cut gaskets.
LOCTITE 548 Fluorescent, methacrylate ester acrylic, wax-like, semi-solid, flange sealant self-feeding stick designed primarily for rigid flanges.
LOCTITE 5570 CLEAR Elastomeric adhesive based on Henkel's proprietary Flextec technology
LOCTITE 5572 One part humidity moisture curing elastic adhesive, silane modified polymer based on Flextec™ Technology.
LOCTITE 5810F High modulus, polyacrylate (ACM), formed-in-place flange sealant with UV tracers, excellent chemical resistance
LOCTITE AA 3011 Transparent, amber, UV light-cure acrylic adhesive formulated for fast surface cure. Ideal for plastics and also used for metals and ceramics.
LOCTITE AA 3051 Modified acrylate acrylic liquid adhesive for bonding cannulae into hubs, syringes and lancets.
LOCTITE AA 3100 Modified acrylate acrylic liquid adhesive designed for reliable structural bonding of metals, glass and some thermoplastics.
LOCTITE AA 322 UV light-cure adhesive. Delivers very fast curing performance. Well suited to plastics. ISO 10993 qualified.
LOCTITE AA 3301 colorless, transparent, instant light-cure universal acrylic-based adhesive. For stress-sensitive plastics with high, on-demand, curing speed.
LOCTITE AA 3341 Transparent, light yellow, light-cure acrylic-based instant adhesive. Highly flexible for soft PVC, with high, on-demand curing speed.
LOCTITE AA 3494 High transparency, low yellowing, very high viscosity light-cure acrylic-based adhesive. High, on-demand curing speed.
LOCTITE AA 3553 Fluorescent, light-cure, acrylated urethane acrylic adhesive liquid ideal for potting applications requiring a fast and large depth of cure.
LOCTITE AA 3554 Fluorescent, light-cure, acrylated urethane acrylic adhesive liquid ideal for potting applications requiring a fast and large depth of cure.
LOCTITE AA 3555 Fluorescent, light-cure, acrylated urethane acrylic adhesive liquid ideal for potting applications requiring a fast and large depth of cure.
LOCTITE AA 3556 Light-cure acrylic-based adhesive. Ideal for colored, transparent plastics. Depth of cure >13 mm. Qualified for medical applications.
LOCTITE AA 3924 Fluorescent, UV acrylic adhesive suited to a wide variety of applications that require fast cure, flexibility, high adhesion and autoclave resistance.
LOCTITE AA 3926 Light-cure, high viscosity acrylic-based adhesive for stress-sensitive plastics. Depth of cure >13 mm. Qualified for medical applications. Rapid fixturing.
LOCTITE AA 3933 UV, liquid acrylic adhesive for a wide variety of applications that require fast cure, flexibility, high adhesion and autoclave resistance.
LOCTITE AA 3942 UV acrylic fluorescent liquid adhesive used in applications requiring fast cure, flexibility, high adhesion and autoclave resistance.
LOCTITE AA 3943 Fluorescent, high viscosity, UV acrylic light cure adhesive offering superior sterilization resistance.
LOCTITE AA 3944 Fluorescent, UV acrylic light cure adhesive liquid primarily designed for bonding plastic substrates where a flexible, tough bond is required.
LOCTITE AA 3971 UV, acrylic liquid adhesive suitable for applications requiring fast cure and high adhesion to plasticized materials.
LOCTITE AA 3972 Light-cure, medium viscosity acrylic-based adhesive well suited to soft PVC and metals. Very fast curing. Suitable for medical applications.
LOCTITE AA 5810A Thixotropic, moisture-cured, non-silicone, oxime-free, polyacrylate based adhesive/sealant designed for flange sealing and formed-in-place gaskets.
LOCTITE AA H8500 Two-part acrylic, high toughness, steel bonder, with a medium fixture time
LOCTITE AA H8600 2-part, viscous, methacrylate-based, acrylic bonding liquid designed for structural galvanized steel bonding.
LOCTITE ABLESTIK QMI2569  A no-dry Ag/glass die attach for glass, solder and seamed sealed packages. Very high thermal conductivity applications for die as large as 0.80 in 2.
LOCTITE ABLESTIK QMI536NB LOCTITE ABLESTIK QMI536NB is a low bleed non conductive, PTFE-filled paste designed for stacked die applications which require very low stress and robust mechanical properties. The material has the same processing and properties of QMI536 but resin bleed is essentially eliminated. These features produce fast cure capability and enhanced reliability performance to a wide variety of surfaces,including solder resist, flexible tape, bare silicon and various die passivations. A package or device manufactured with this product will have high resistance to delamination and popcorning after multiple exposures to lead-free solder reflow temperatures.
LOCTITE Big Foot Water Based Primer/Sealer
LOCTITE Color Guard Thinner
LOCTITE Disc Brake Quiet Stick
LOCTITE DRI STS Pre-applied Threadlocker / Thread Sealant
LOCTITE EA 2000 AERO Nitrile / phenolic, water based primer
LOCTITE EA 210214 One-part, heat cure, toughened, highly flourescent, high viscosity epoxy
LOCTITE EA 3032 2-part, grey, general purpose epoxy adhesive for bonding a wide variety of materials including metals, composites, ceramics and wood.
LOCTITE EA 3355 Epoxy light white translucent adhesive for electronic component bonding applications. A set open time following activation allows component assembly.
LOCTITE EA 3478 2-part, ferro-silicon filled epoxy resin system. Extremely resistant to corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion.
LOCTITE EA 3982 One-part, heat cure, toughened, highly flourescent, medium viscosity epoxy
LOCTITE EA 3985 1-part, non-sag, fast cure epoxy adhesive paste. The product is ideal for bonding wires to armatures.
LOCTITE EA 4108 1-part, metal-filled, structural bonding epoxy adhesive providing maximum resistance to all loads. Excellent chemical and high temperature resistance.
LOCTITE EA 7363 High performance chemical anchor bolt grout
LOCTITE EA 9012 Caulking gun grade epoxy concrete crack repair.
LOCTITE EA 9203 AERO Adhesion promoting coating, room temperature cure
LOCTITE EA 9309.3NA AERO Toughened paste, high peel, two component, ambient cure, 180°F/82°C service
LOCTITE EA 9313 AERO Toughened paste, high peel, two component, ambient cure, 180°F/82°C service
LOCTITE EA 9320NA AERO Toughened paste, high peel, two component, ambient cure, 180°F/82°C service
LOCTITE EA 9321 AERO Filled paste, 250°F/121°C service temperature, ambient cure
LOCTITE EA 9323 AERO LOCTITE EA 9323 is a filled paste, 250F/121C service temperature, ambient cure
LOCTITE EA 9330 AERO Toughened paste, thixotropic, 180°F/82°C service
LOCTITE EA 9330.3 AERO Toughened paste, thixotropic, 180°F/82°C service
LOCTITE EA 9432NA Epoxy gray thixotropic adhesive that is aluminum-filled to offer excellent tensile shear strength and resistance to impacts and chemicals.
LOCTITE EA 9459 Heat-cured structural epoxy adhesive with excellent high temperature performance and chemical resistance.
LOCTITE EA 9628 AERO Metal bond film adhesive, 250°F/121°C service temperature
LOCTITE EA 9658 AERO Film adhesive, high temperature, 420°F/216°C service temperature
LOCTITE EA E-120HP 2-part industrial grade epoxy adhesive. It cures at room temperature to form a tough bondline with excellent resistance to peel and impact forces.
LOCTITE EA E-214HP Thixotropic, heat-cured, industrial grade structural epoxy adhesive paste with tough, strong bonds with excellent peel resistance and impact strength.
LOCTITE ECCOBOND CB064 High purity, low stress, liquid, self-leveling encapsulant material.
LOCTITE ECCOBOND EO1016 UL94V-0 encapsulant for Smartcards and watch IC's. Nonabrasive filler allows for grinding if necessary.
LOCTITE ECCOBOND EO1062 Hysol EO1062 is a general purpose, high glob version of EO1061.
LOCTITE ECCOBOND EO1080 Low CTE version of EO1016.
LOCTITE ECCOBOND FP4450 Industry standard fill material for fills or cavity down BGAs.
LOCTITE ECCOBOND FP4460 General purpose, high purity, low stress glob top semiconductor encapsulant with improved moisture resistance and working life compared to earlier generation products.
LOCTITE ECCOBOND FP4470 High adhesion version of FP4450 for 260°C L3 JEDEC performance.
LOCTITE ECCOBOND FP4526 Epoxy underfill is designed for capillary flow on flip chip applications.
LOCTITE ECCOBOND FP4531 Hysol FP4531 is a snap cure fast flow, non-reworkable underfill for CSP applications.
LOCTITE ECCOBOND FP6101 Reworkable underfill for improvement of mechanical reliability. Fast flow and snap cure for improved process time.
LOCTITE EF 557 AERO Epoxy core splice, 350°F/177°C service temperature
LOCTITE EF 562 AERO Epoxy core splice, 350°F/177°C service temperature
LOCTITE EF 562SFR AERO Epoxy core splice film, fire retardant, 350°F/177°C service temperature

One-component epoxy potting compound, formulated to protect sensors used in harsh environments, such as automotive applications

LOCTITE Fixmaster Crack Filler
LOCTITE Fixmaster Wet Surface Repair Putty
LOCTITE FREKOTE 1Step Clear, solvent-based, moisture-cured spray-and-leave, high gloss, gel finish mould release agent for FRP polyester parts; no mould sealer required.
LOCTITE FREKOTE 44NC Clear, solvent-based, moisture-cured, semi-permanent polymer mould release agent which provides multiple release for most moulding processes.
LOCTITE FREKOTE 700NC Clear, solvent-based, moisture-curing, release epoxy for most advanced composites and also polyester resins.
LOCTITE FREKOTE 810-NC Clear aerosol containing aliphatic naphtha which has been designed to form a semi-permanent release interface on mold surfaces.
LOCTITE FREKOTE 909WB Yellow, water-based, alkaline foam cleaner that removes cured release agents and other heavy contaminants from steel, nickel and stainless steel moulds.
LOCTITE FREKOTE 913WB Water-based cleaner for composite and metal moulds. Used for contaminations like finger prints, grease oils, waxes and abrasive particles.
LOCTITE FREKOTE 915WB Water-based cleaner for removing residues from mould surfaces.
LOCTITE FREKOTE B-15 Solvent based polymer mold sealer formulated for composite and metal molds with micro porosity problems, small surface scratches or imperfections.
LOCTITE FREKOTE PUR100 Water-based mould release emulsion for rigid polyurethane applications. Applied in spray form.
LOCTITE FREKOTE R150 Water-based, mould release emulsion that releases standard rubbers and rubber-to-metal parts.
LOCTITE FREKOTE R180 Water-based mould release emulsion whose high slip properties make it ideal for difficult-to-release rubbers and especially highly abrasive compounds.
LOCTITE FREKOTE R220 Water-based mould release emulsion whose high slip properties make it ideal for difficult-to-release rubbers such as EPDM and highly filled elastomers.
LOCTITE FREKOTE S50E Water-based, heat-cured mould release agent that offers excellent slip properties for the most demanding silicone rubber moulding applications.
LOCTITE FREKOTE WOLO Clear, moisture-cured mould release polymer liquid which is wiped on and left on the mould surface and allowed to evaporate.
LOCTITE H4720 Speedbonder Structural Adhesive Acrylic metal bonder, high viscosity, extended fixture time, with superior strength in corrosive environments
LOCTITE Heavy Duty Anti-Seize Stick
LOCTITE Hi-Tack Stick - Gasket Dressing
LOCTITE HY 4060 GY General purpose structural adhesive that provides a high strength combined with fast fixture at room temperature.
LOCTITE HY 4070 Transparent, cloudy colorless to pale yellow cyanoacrylate/acrylic hybrid gel adhesive that provides a fast fixture at room temperature.
LOCTITE HY 4080 Cyanoacrylate/acrylic hybrid structural adhesive paste that provides toughness and excellent adhesion to metals, composites and plastics.
LOCTITE HY 4080 GY Cyanoacrylate/acrylic hybrid structural adhesive providing toughness and excellent adhesion to metals, composites and plastics.
LOCTITE HY 4090 Off-white to light yellow 2-part hybrid adhesive with a high viscosity/non-drip for use in structural bonding. High humidity and vibration resistance.
LOCTITE LB 8219 Extreme pressure, resists water washout, maintains pumpability at low temperatures
LOCTITE LB 8423 Thick silicone dielectric compound paste that facilitates and improves tune-ups. It prevents voltage leakage around electrical connectors.
LOCTITE LB 8632 Advanced multi-purpose grease that is composed of synthetic PAO (polyalphaolefin) base stocks and a fumed silica thickener.
LOCTITE LB ML-11 Aerosol spray lubricant that penetrates, lubricates, displaces water, cleans surfaces and provides protection to metal by preventing corrosion.
LOCTITE Maintain Lubricant Penetrant
LOCTITE MR 2000 Extreme temperature, silicic acid, water-based repair putty that withstands environments up to 2,000 °F (1,000 °C).
LOCTITE MR 5438 Thread sealant liquid with polymeric material, fillers and isopropyl alcohol, designed for sealing threaded plastic pipes, pipe fittings and flanges.
LOCTITE NS 5109 Gasket sealant paste with resin, isopropanol and fillers. It remains pliable and flexible and seals flanges, threaded connections and fasteners.
LOCTITE PC 3965 2-part, unique, steel-filled epoxy repair compound that is fast to mix and apply. Once hardened, it can be machined, drilled, tapped or filed.
LOCTITE PC 3967 2-part dimethacrylate ester repair kit with a 1-part release agent which is used for repairing stripped threaded assemblies in a variety of metals and wood.
LOCTITE PC 6249 Non-slip floor and deck epoxy coating that is designed for heavy pedestrian traffic or light rolling traffic under typical dry service temperatures.
LOCTITE PC 6317 Two-component, self-sealing, non-slip, floor and deck coating
LOCTITE PC 7255 2-part, green/grey, ceramic-filled, sprayable epoxy surface coating that provides a high gloss, low friction surface which is resistant to fine particle abrasion.
LOCTITE PC 9020 known as NORTH AMERICA - NORDBAK HP CRUSHER BACKING, is a 2-part epoxy system for backing wear metal.
LOCTITE PC 9428 Permanent, concrete repair in a convenient stick.
LOCTITE PC 9458 Grout, self-leveling, non-shrinking, up to 1 deep.
LOCTITE PC 9599 2-part, thixotropic, compound epoxy paste that works in less than half the time of conventional curing epoxies.
LOCTITE PE 3140 Epoxy resin, part of a two part system to be used with a hardener, formulated for general purpose potting and encapsulating
LOCTITE PE 3142 Black, epoxy resin which forms a potting compound with high thermal conductivity when mixed with additives such as LOCTITE PE 3162 or LOCTITE PE 3164.
LOCTITE Pre-Applied A/S Eco
LOCTITE PTFE Thread Sealing Tape Non-curing thread sealing tape replaces conventional pipe joint compound and hardening sealants and can be used on all pipe materials.
LOCTITE SF 7210 Engine cleaning solution which assists with better fuel combustion and reduces vehicle noise.
LOCTITE SF 7471 Transparent, yellow to amber liquid activator used for increasing the cure speed of LOCTITE anaerobic products under low prevailing temperatures.
LOCTITE SF 7515 Amber, water-based, liquid surface treatment that delivers 48-hour protection against flash rust on large surfaces. Straightforward spray and wipe application.
LOCTITE SF 7629 Nonflammable aerosol cleaner that removes grease, oil and contaminants from electrical parts to prevent contact failure.
LOCTITE SF 7633 Non-chlorinated parts cleaner, penetrates, dissolves, removes dirt and oil
LOCTITE SF 7649 Surface Preparation - activator. Solvent-based. Low temperature curing.
LOCTITE SI 3407 One part, heat cure silicone
LOCTITE SI 5011CL Oxime silicone paste sealant used for sealing and bonding electrical/electronic components which offers resistance to moisture, chemicals and UV.
LOCTITE SI 5033 Acetoxy dual-cure silicone sealant paste with deep light cure capability, UV and visible, with a secondary moisture cure mechanism for shadow curing.
LOCTITE SI 5039 Semi-flowable, acetoxy silicone sealant paste with deep light cure capability (UV/visible) and secondary moisture cure mechanism for shadow curing.
LOCTITE SI 5045 Alkoxy silicone flange sealant liquid formulated for bonding, sealing and coating of components for the military, automotive and industrial markets.
LOCTITE SI 5905 One part RTV silicone, superior flexibility and adhesion, fast depth of cure, black
LOCTITE SI 594 Silicone white sealant paste capable of bonding and sealing most surfaces. Can also be used for potting and coating. Resists ageing and weathering.
LOCTITE SI 5950 Acetoxy silicone gasketing paste designed for use as a cure-in-place gasket and for robotic application and cures to form a re-usable silicone gasket.
LOCTITE Solventless Anaerobic Activator
LOCTITE STYCAST ES 0614 PTA Undiluted epoxy, low viscosity casting system that exhibits exceptional resistance to impact and thermal shock.
LOCTITE STYCAST ES 1002 DQ Black, low cost, flexible, room temperature cure, lightweight syntactic encapsulant capable of UL94V-0, non-abrasive filled, long pot life.
LOCTITE STYCAST ES 1902 DQ LOCTITE STYCAST ES 1902 DQ is a clear, room temperature cure, transparent, very fast UV gel, excellent dimensional stability and low viscosity; easy to handle.
LOCTITE STYCAST US 5529 LOCTITE STYCAST US 5529 is a flexible, flame retardant, mineral filled polyurethane compound.
LOCTITE STYCAST US 5538 PTB LOCTITE STYCAST US 5538 is a flexible, unfilled, potting compound. This system provides low viscosity for good flow and good adhesion to many substrates.
LOCTITE UK 178 A/B 2-part, yellowish, polyurethane-based casting resin, NSF approved, formulated especially for spiral wound filters (RO) and application to dry substrates.
LOCTITE UK 3184 B Polyurethane hardener, part of a two part system to be used with a resin, formulated for flame retardant potting and encapsulating
LOCTITE UK 8436 Structural polyurethane adhesive with good adhesion properties and excellent flowability.
LOCTITE UK 8445 B1 W 2-part, solvent-free polyurethane-based potting compound. Mixing both components in a weight ratio of 100:22 produces a hard elastic product. Other potlife variations available on request.
LOCTITE UK M-11FL Urethane clear adhesive for creating non-yellowing, highly flexible bondlines on polycarbonate and other plastics, along with glass and metal.
LOCTITE UK U-05FL 2-part, medium-viscosity, industrial grade, polyisocyanate urethane adhesive. It cures at room temperature to form a highly flexible bond line.
LOCTITE UK U-09LV Low viscosity, plastic and multiple surface bonder, high peel strength
LOCTITE Under Pressure Pipe Repair Kit
P3 Forge 185
P3-saxin 5520
TECHNOMELT AS 5375 Specially formulated for bonding and coating polypropylene or similar polyolefins
TECHNOMELT PA 6208 BLACK Hotmelt adhesive for bonding and low pressure moulding. Suitable for a wide range of substrates with a very short open time for high speed production.
TECHNOMELT PA 633 Thermoplastic, physical setting polyamide hotmelt used for molding applications.
TECHNOMELT PA 638 BLACK High performance thermoplastic polyamide designed to meet low pressure moulding process requirements.
TECHNOMELT PA 641 Polyamide amber hotmelt adhesive for molding applications. Bond area sets into thermoplastic condition.
TECHNOMELT PA 646 High performance thermoplastic polyamide designed to meet low pressure moulding process requirements.
TECHNOMELT PA 652 Hotmelt adhesive used for moulding applications, good for low pressure moulding and encapsulation. Good adhesion and cold temperature flexibility. Very short open time.
TECHNOMELT PA 673 Hotmelt adhesive used for moulding applications with good adhesion for higher temperatures such as automotive underhood. Designed to meet low pressure moulding process requirements.
TECHNOMELT PA 678 BLACK Hotmelt adhesive used for moulding applications allows encapsulation of fragile components without damage. Designed to meet low pressure moulding process requirements.
TECHNOMELT PA 7901 Low viscosity polyamide
TECHNOMELT PUR 3460 High performance, polyurethane (reactive), moisture curing hotmelt adhesive. Suitable for flat lamination and assembly application.
TECHNOMELT PUR 3631 Toughened, high strength moisture cure, hot melt adhesive
TEROSON MS 5510 Elastomeric adhesive/sealant based on Henkel's proprietary Flextec technology
TEROSON MS 9371B Silane-modified polymer hardener for use with TEROSON-MS adhesives, MS Polymers and sealants. Designed for assembly applications.
TEROSON MS 9382 Silane-modified polymer adhesive that is black in color. The product is sag-resistant and solvent-free, and bonds to a variety of metallic and painted substrates.
TEROSON PU 6700 ME Body Repair – Multi-purpose bonder. 2-component polyurethane with Micro-Emission properties, tack-free time: 30 min.
TEROSON PV 1273 Capable of being applied over oily galvanized and oily cold rolled steel, for application in anti-flutter, spot weld seams, fender, roof bow, body stiffeners and seal hinges, GM approved.
TEROSON PV 1805 Pumpable, Low Expandable, Weld Through PVC Epoxy Based Sealant
TEROSON PV 5918 Expandable body shop sealer and anti-flutter adhesive, GM approved.
TEROSON RB 22000 Medium expansion NVH Tape
TEROSON RB 3221 AA-01 Expandable body shop sealer and anti-flutter adhesive, Mercedes approved.
TEROSON RB 351-2B TMM Expandable body shop sealer and anti-flutter adhesive, Toyota approved.
Terotex 3599-5 PVC underbody coating