Henkel offers a wide range of catalogs, application guides, product selector guides and product brochures online, available for download.

If you would prefer a hard copy of a piece of literature, please e-mail us, and reference the LT- number for the piece of literature (located in parentheses at the end of a piece of literature's description).



The Adhesive Sourcebook 2008

(11.3 MB)

The complete source of Loctite® adhesives, sealants, lubricants, coatings and dispensing & curing equipment available only from Henkel Corporation.


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Adhesives and Sealants for Panel Assembly

(5.16 MB)

Adhesive and Sealant products for Panel Assembly, including laminating adhesives, specialty coatings, surface treatments, and more.


Alodine® EC2™ Brochure

(1.99 MB)

Alodine® EC2™ ElectroCeramic Coating delivers benefits throughout the entire coating process and over the life of your coated products. When protection is essential from the forces of nature or the forces of man, Alodine® EC2™ can withstand the most extreme conditions, prolonging the ability of your aluminum, titanium and light metal components to perform at optimum levels. Heat, cold, salt, gas, oil and water are no match for Alodine® EC2™.


Loctite® Flashcure® Adhesives

(0.26 MB)
Flashcure® Light Curing Cyanoacrylates–another revolutionary innovation from Henkel. These patented adhesives cure in seconds when exposed to light.

Hysol® Hot Melt Adhesives and Equipment

(0.72 MB)

Henkel has expanded its Loctite® Hysol® Hot Melt offerings to include a complete line of adhesives, hand held dispensers, and a new line of bulk Hot Melt equipment.


Loctite® Thread Treatment Sticks Kit

(0.19 MB)

Ordering information for the Loctite® Thread Treatment Sticks Kit, a collection of all five products offered in this innovative line in one convenient package.


Loctite® Adhesive Connection System

(0.63 MB)

Learn the components and applications of the Loctite® Adhesive Connection System. This patent pending process is specially formulated for bonding light gauge steel building components.


Go Lead-Free Materials Guide

(0.79 MB)

Henkel’s ‘Lead-Free That Works’ initiative is ready for action, minimizing the risks of conversion, and giving you the confidence to introduce new lead-free products and services quickly, in high volumes, and at high quality from the outset.


Loctite® Speedbonder™ Structural Acrylic Adhesives

(1.75 MB)

The typical uses for Loctite Speedbonder Structural Adhesives, as well as the benefits they can provide for a variety of industrial assembly applications. The brochure also contains information on related dispensing equipment.


Loctite® Instant Adhesives

(3.16 MB)

Loctite® Instant Adhesives provided instant solutions to a myriad of assembly challenges, including those using plastics, elastomers and metals. This brochure describes the features and applications of the products in this line.


Structural Products for Composite Assembly

(1.01 MB)

A guide to Henkel’s structural products for composite assembly, including films, pastes and adhesives.


Loctite® Fluid Compatibility Chart

(0.06 MB)

A Fluid Compatibility Chart for metal threaded fittings sealed with Loctite® Sealants.


Loctite Supplier Information

2008 Distributor Shipping Guide


The Distributor Shipping Guide provides assistance in properly identifying, preparing, and offering Henkel products for transport. Each item has been assigned a unique mode-specific ‘Transport Code’, pertaining to transportation via Domestic Ground and Air transport. Instructions on marking and Labeling examples for each of the Transport Codes are included. In addition, the guide contains a list of the associated Bill of Lading descriptions to cross-reference an item number with the proper Hazardous Material Shipping Description (if applicable), and/or the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC).

Loctite Barcode Specifications

One of the significant missions of Henkel is to implement comprehensive bar coding and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) programs with our suppliers.

Shelf Life for Loctite® Products


Product Selector Guide for the Aerospace Industry

(1.19 MB)

The aerospace group of Henkel develops structural adhesives and metal and composite surfacing treatments that serve the aircraft OEM and MRO industries.


Hysol® SynCore® Design Guide

(0.72 MB)

An Aerospace Technology Guide


Structural Adhesive Solutions from Henkel

(1.50 MB)

From one-component, heat-cured adhesives to two-component, room-temperature-curing structural adhesives, Henkel develops advanced technologies and provides superior service to the automotive and transportation industries.


Jet Engine Cleaning Technologies from Henkel

(0.37 MB)

A chart listing Henkel products for the cleaning of jet engine components.


Hysol® Core Splices

(0.50 MB)

A guide to Henkel Core Splices, a class of foaming film adhesives. Key features, chemistries and product configurations.


Hysol® Liquid Shims

(0.37 MB)

A guide to the aerospace applications of Hysol® Liquid Shims, epoxy-based materials that possess extreme high compressive strengths.


Custom Packaging Information Kit

(0.18 MB)

Information on custom packing options for MRO, including cartridge kits, E-Z Pak, Dual Cartridge/Static Mixer Kits and Pudding Cups. These solutions reduce hazardous waste and improve employee productivity and safety.


Peel Ply Preparation Technical Paper

(0.88 MB)

A technical paper detailing the key factors of the Peel Ply Surface Preparation Process.


Agricultural and Construction Machinery

Loctite® 2007 Product Selector Guide (John Deere)

(1.41 MB)

The Loctite® 2007 Product Selector Guide offers information about the full array of professional grade Loctite products for the automotive aftermarket, including features, benefits and packaging availability.


Agri/Const Machinery - Cab Applications Guide

(2.38 MB)

This guide provides engineers with the knowledge to qualify Henkel adhesive, sealant surface treatment technologies for cab applications. Compete information on features, benefits and key attributes of each product.



Loctite® Appliance Application Translation Guide

(0.20 MB)

The Appliance Application Guide lists adhesive products for washers, dryers, dishwashers, gas ranges, refrigerators and freezers.


Appliance Brochure

(0.45 MB)

For the Appliance Industry, Henkel provides surface treatments, adhesives and sealants, equipment solutions and packaging solutions. High-performance products from one convenient source.



Loctite® Porosity Sealing by Design

(0.60 MB)

Henkel brings the Loctite® Impregnation System™ (LIS) to the manufacturing world. LIS has become the industry standard for sealing porosity in all types of manufactured parts.


Loctite® Porosity Sealing Technology

(0.20 MB)

Design in Zero-Defect Quality with Loctite® Porosity Sealing Technlogy. Loctite® Porosity Sealants and Equipment are available for all your sealing needs.


Loctite® 5100™ & 5110™ Flexseal® Sell Sheets

(0.42 MB)

Henkel’s Loctite® 5100™ and 5110™ Flexseal® penetrating sealants provide 100% sealing of microscopic gaps and pores in critical electrical and electronic components.


Preapplied Capabilities Brochure

(0.32 MB)

From design concept through final assembly World Class Engineering relies on Loctite® Preapplied Fastening Systems.


Loctite® PM 5120™

(0.36 MB)

Loctite® PM 5120™ Powder Metal Plating Grade Sealant sell sheet.


Loctite® Resinol® 88C

(0.40 MB)

Loctite® Resinol® 88C Porosity Sealing Resin.


Loctite® 5251™ Sealant

(1.28 MB)

Introducing Loctite® 5251™ Sealant, a Cured-In-Place liquid gasket that is an alternative to molded rubber.


Mold Release Solutions Guide

(1.89 MB)

We have developed a series of decision trees to assist both new and seasoned sales personnel in more effectively selecting the approprate Frekote® brand mold release agent for applications that they may encounter.


Loctite® 5810™ Polyacrylate Sealant Sell Sheet

(0.22 MB)

The next generation in liquid Formed-In-Place gaskets for powertrain sealing.


Rubber Mold Release Solutions Guide

(1.31 MB)

Frekote® products are recommended for releasing all natural and synthetic rubber compounds including silicone. Frekote release coatings do not transfer to your parts; instead, they chemically bond to mold surfaces, ensuring the highest number of releases per application without mold fouling. And since they’re semi-permanent, Frekote release coatings eliminate rubber-to-metal bonding failures.


Liquid Gasket Product Information Kit

(0.46 MB)

Henkel’s complete portfolio of Liquid Gasket Products cover every vehicle application imaginable. Quality you can trust from the Loctite® name.


Global Automotive Brochure

(2.19 MB)

Henkel is the market leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments to the automotive industry.


Trim Adhesives Literature Kit

(2.49 MB)

Henkel offers advanced automotive adhesive technology for a variety of interior and exterior trim applications.


Loctite® Vacuum Impregnation Systems

(1.34 MB)

Henkel is the world’s leading supplier of porosity sealing products and technologies. With a full range of Loctite® branded custom designed vacuum impregnation process equipment, a variety of sealant products and comprehensive technical support, Henkel can meet every sealing need.


Henkel Powertrain Technologies

(2.75 MB)

A brochure describing Henkel solutions for every step of powertrain manufacturing, from adhesives and surface treatments to cleaners and corrosion preventatives


Hysol® Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Selector Guide

(0.71 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesives.


Hysol® Polyamide Hot Melt Selector Guide

(0.71 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Polyamide Hotmelt Adhesives.


Hysol® Polyolefin Hot Melt Selector Guide

(0.71 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Polyolefin Hot Melt Adhesives.


Hysol® Reactive Urethane Hot Melt Selector Guide

(0.71 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Reactive Urethane Hot Melt Adhesives.


Friction Bonding Manual

(4.77 MB)

A manual offering step-by-step instructions on how to apply, bond and test friction products using Henkel’s Plastilock® and Aqualock® adhesives, as well as related equipment recommendations.


Hysol® Vinyl Bonding Adhesives Selector Guide

(0.14 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Vinyl Bonding Adhesives. These include Bi-Laminate Coextrusion Adhesives, Injection Molding Adhesives, Glass Encapsulation Adhesives and Coil Coating/Laminating Adhesives.


Hysol® Friction Bonding Adhesives Selector Guide

(0.13 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Friction Bonding Adhesives. These include Shoe Dips, Lining Adhesives, Disk Brake Products and Friction Paper Bonding Adhesives.


P3® Chemical Specialties for Automotive Interiors

(0.20 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Henkel’s Chemical Specialties for Automotive Interiors. These include plastics cleaning, fabric cleaning and highlighting.


Loctite® Dispensed Foam Cured-in-Place Gaskets

(0.24 MB)

A table listing the key features and attributes of Loctite® Dispensed Foam Cured-In-Place Gaskets.


Terocore® Structural Foam

(0.29 MB)

An illustrated guide to the uses for Terocore® Structural Foam, an expandable epoxy polymer, on automotive body cavities, metal surfaces and structural sections.


Autophoretic® Autodeposition Process Centers Map

(0.13 MB)

A map of locations and contact information for the North American Process Centers for Henkel’s Autodeposition Coatings. 


Automotive Aftermarket

Heavy Duty Applications

(1.4 MB)

A guide to Henkel solutions for heavy-duty fleet repair and maintenance, including products for diesel engines, transmissions, differential/axle repair, suspensions and cabs.


Disc Break Quiet Stick

(0.46 MB)

Information on the revolutionary Loctite® Disc Brake Quiet Stick, specially formulated to dampen brake pad vibrations and eliminate noise. A vast improvement over traditional solvent and water-based products.


Motorcycle Application Guide

(0.63 MB)

The Loctite® Motorcycle Application Guide offers a listing of products to improve the performance, safety and reliability of motorcycle bodies and engines.


Glass Maintenance and Repair Selector Guide

(1.02 MB)

With the Loctite® Glass Maintenance and Repair Selector Guide, you’ll always know which quality Loctite sealer, adhesive or bonding compound is right for any automotive application.


"Do It Right" User's Guide

(1.39 MB)

Because automotive repairs must be done right the first time, every time, Henkel’s Automotive Aftermarket Do-It-Right Guide provides the information you need to achieve optimum results with quality Loctite® products.


OEM Connection Brochure

(0.63 MB)

A guide to Henkel Surface Technologies products that provide superior performance in the maintenance and repair of original equipment automotive replacement parts.


Stick Brochure

(4.7 MB)

Brochure describing the stick formulations for Loctite® Threadlockers, which can be used in a wide range of automotive aftermarket applications, from delicate fuel injection components to heavy-duty transmission and engine assemblies.


Loctite® Adhesives and Sealants Display

(0.22 MB)

The Loctite® aluminum product display can hold a dozen different, quality Loctite products. The display can be used on a counter top or hung from a peg board.


Silicone Power Cans

(0.27 MB)

Loctite® Silicone Power Cans offer easy application with precise fingertip control. Eight types available.


Transmission Applications

(0.47 MB)

Loctite® Transmissions Applications Guide.


Loctite® Sticks Solid Performers

(1.40 MB)

Colorful header and product packaging sure to catch your customer’s attention.


Why Buy Loctite®?

(2.06 MB)

At Henkel, we invent more than just quality products, we provide solutions to industries’ biggest challenges.


Adhesive and Sealants Guide

(6.92 MB)
Henkel’s professional grade automotive aftermarket products offer repair solutions to a variety of application needs. Explore product features, benefits, performance data, selector guides and availability.


Design Guide for Bonding Metals

(0.68 MB)

Let Loctite® help you select the proper adhesive for your metal application.


Design Guide for Bonding Rubber & TPE

(0.63 MB)

Adhesives offer an array of benefits to the manufacturer who needs to join elastomeric substrates to other substrates in their manufacturing process.


Design Guide For Bonding Plastics

(2.84 MB)

Plastics have become an integral part of everyday life. Let us help you select an adhesive best suited for your plastic application. Click here to download the complete Design Guide for Plastics.


Design Guide for Bonding Magnets

(0.20 MB)

Henkel’s Magnet Bonding Guide describes the variety of benefits of adhesive-bonded magnets. Read the results of Henkel’s blockshear and impact study, as well as technical product and ordering information.



Alodine® EC2™ ElectroCeramic Coating

A revolutionary new base coating for aluminum, titanium and related alloys - Alodine® EC2™ ElectroCeramic Coating delivers benefits throughout the entire coating process and over the life of your coated products.

Loctite® Nordbak® Wear Resistant Coatings

(2.14 MB)

A catalog of Loctite® Nordbak® Wear Resistant Coatings, including a technical guide on how these products can repair, rebuild and protect a myriad of industrial equipment. The catalog also contains case histories, FAQs and other tips for effective application.


Hysol® Surface Preparation Guide

(0.24 MB)

The Hysol® Aerospace Surface Preparation Guide contains instructions for degreasing metals and non-metals, surface abrasion and chemical treatment.



Innovative Modeling and Prototyping Services

(0.61 MB)

A new approach to package design and production reliability.


Multicore® LF318™ Solder Paste

(2.19 MB)

The lead-free solder paste you can rely on in any production environment.


Electronic Solutions

(4.09 MB)

The electronics group of Henkel is a global supplier of materials solutions for electronic packaging and assembly. This guide lists the types of products Henkel offers through such leading industrial brands as Hysol®, Loctite® and Multicore®.


Low Pressure Molding

(1.94 MB)

A complete solution for the gentle over-molding and encapsulation of delicate electronic components.


Go Lead-Free Materials Guide

(0.79 MB)

Henkel offers a full line of lead-free products, under the Multicore®, Hysol® and Loctite® brands, for electronics packaging and assembly. These include solder pastes, surface mount adhesives, underfill materials, molding compounds and liquid encapsulants.


Get It Right The First Time

(3.26 MB)

Innovative Modeling and Prototyping Services from Henkel Understand optimal materials sets for various substrates; develop better and more reliable packages; obtain critical test data – all before investing in large-scale package production!


Bead-on-Bead Thermally Conductive Adhesives

(0.595 MB)

Surpassing the highest standards of design and manufacturing engineers, Loctite® Bead-on-Bead High Performance Thermally Conducive Adhesives offer both ease of use and outstanding performance.


Multicore® Lead-Free Solder Wire Solutions

(0.16 MB)

Learn how Henkel’s Multicore® Lead-Free Solder Wire can improve processes of production, reworking and repair.


Loctite® 3549™ Reworkable CSP Underfill

(0.72 MB)

Discover the key features, benefits and advantages of Loctite® 3549™, a fast-flow, reworkable CSP epoxy underfill for BGA and CSP devices.


Multicore® WS300™ Pb-Free Water Wash Solder Paste

(0.33 MB)

Key features and characteristics of Henkel’s Multicore® WS300™, a Pb-Free Water Wash Solder Paste suitable for high-speed, fine-pitch printing applications.


Multicore® LF328™ Low-Void Lead-Free Solder Paste

(0.62 MB)

Key features and characteristics of Henkel’s Multicore® LF328™, a Low Voiding Lead-Free Solder Paste suitable for a wide range of reflow profiles and surface finishes.


Chipbonder® Surface Mount Adhesive

(0.57 MB)

Key features and characteristics of Loctite® Chipbonder® Surface Mount Adhesives, for applications that require ultra-fast capability.


Accurus® Solder Spheres

(0.58 MB)

Key features and characteristics of Accurus® Solder Spheres, advanced technology for a variety of current and cutting-edge applications.


Multicore® High-Performance Liquid Fluxes

(0.62 MB)

Key features and characteristics of Multicore® High-Performance Liquid Fluxes, available in a variety of formulations for various wave soldering processes.


Loctite® 3536™ Adhesive Reworkable CSP Underfill

(0.58 MB)

Loctite® 3536™ Adhesive is a fast flow epoxy underfill for BGA and CSP devices. This brochure provides general information, key features and benefits.


Loctite® Thermal Management Materials

(0.56 MB)

A guide to Loctite® Phase Change Thermal Interface Materials, formulated for such applications as microprocessors, telecom and RF components, power semiconductors, IGBTs and converters.



Loctite® Resin Polymerization Tester

(0.35 MB)

Loctite® Resin Polymerization Tester - Technologically advanced testing for the impregnation industry.


The Equipment Sourcebook 2007

(6.88 MB)
This 125 page resource guide features the latest innovative Loctite® brand equipment dispensing and curing solutions. From simple hand held devices to fully automated robotic systems, Henkel offers a complete line of standard off-the-shelf dispensing and light curing equipment which can easily be integrated to your manufacturing process. Descriptions of custom equipment and complete engineering service systems included.

Equipment Catalog Integrated Equipment Solutions™

(2.10 MB)

The next generation of silicone rubber release agents has arrived.


Volumetric Dispensing Solutions

(2.12 MB)

A guide to Loctite® Volumetric Bottle Dispensing, Syringe Dispensing and Two-Part Dispensing products, and information on how Meter Mix products can be customized for specific applications.



Adhesives and Sealants for Filter Manufacturing

(2.68 MB)

Henkel’s adhesives and sealants for filter manufacturing perform in a variety of applications.


Mold Releases

Frekote® Mold Releases

(2.48 MB)

Frekote® product line contains various cleaners and mold release agents for all types of applications.

Frekote® WOLO-HL™

(200 KB)

Frekote® WOLO-HL™ mold release is a proprietary, solvent-based product developed for releasing low VOC polyester gelcoat and other tough releasing polyester structures. This system can be applied at room temperature and cured at ambient shop temperatures within 30 minutes. This product also offers a reduction in mold release VOCs by 72%.


Frekote® FMS-100™

(256 KB)

Frekote® FMS-100™ is a proprietary solvent-based sealer formulated for use on FRP, Epoxy and other composite mold surfaces. This product must be used with green or new molds as well as in sealing older molds with microporosity. This product can be applied at room temperature and cured within 30 minutes.


Frekote® 44-NC™ Wipes

(177 KB)

Frekote® 44-NC™ Wipes are pre-saturated with Frekote® 44-NC™, a semi-permanent, non-migratory release system that chemically bonds to the mold surface to form a microthin film, which is stable at temperatures exceeding most molding processes. These wipes should be your first choice release agent for a non-contaminating release coating.


Frekote® Aqualine® C-600™

(268 KB)

Frekote® Aqualine® C-600™ mold release agent is a proprietary waterbased emulsion originally developed for releasing large scale parts such as wind blades and is ideal for numerous other high performance composite structures.


Frekote® 50™ Sell Sheet

(0.32 MB)

The next generation of silicone rubber release agents has arrived.


Mold Release Solutions Guide, 6th Edition

(1.02 MB)

We have developed a series of decision trees to assist both new and seasoned sales personnel in more effectively selecting the approprate Frekote® brand mold release agent for applications that they may encounter.


Industrial Maintenance

Loctite® Manufacturing Reliability Training

(3.16 MB)

The first step toward equipment reliability is to initiate a process of Continuous Improvement by empowering your maintenance personnel with the application-driven, plant-tailored, product-specific information and skills they need to meet your company’s particular needs on a daily basis.


Loctite® Pinpoint Accuracy and Control

(402 KB)

Pinpoint Accuracy and Control for standard or large thread applications.


Pumps and Systems

(6.29 MB)

How the proactive use of polymer composite materials on pumps saves thousands of dollars and weeks of downtime.


Loctite® Freeze and Release

(3.98 MB)

Loctite® Freeze & Release instantly freezes seized and rusted parts (bolts, nuts, studs) down to -45ºF (-43°C). The exceptional shock-freeze effect causes microscopic cracks in the layer of rust, allowing the lubricating ingredient to wick directly into the rust by capillary action. The assembly can be easily dismantled after allowing 1–2 minutes penetration time.


Loctite® Primers

(4.26 MB)

Surface Preparation Products to Ensure Maximum Performance of Anaerobic Machinery Adhesives.


Products at Work in Power Plants

(4.56 MB)

Henkel offers a wide variety of high quality Loctite® branded products for maintaining equipment throughout a coal-fired power plant. From the repair and upkeep of the physical plant, to the pumps, concrete, and transport systems,we offer the preventative maintenance products to increase overall reliability.


Loctite® Maintenance Solutions - Volume 8

(2.45 MB)
Guide provides solutions to industries' biggest challenges, by reducing costs, providing assistance, and increasing reliability.


(26.47 MB)
Grâce guide complet à l´intention des ingénieurs de la maintenance dans toutes les industries, il devient facile de choisir le bon produit Loctite® pour remédier aux problèmes immédiats et éviter les pannes et bris futurs.

Loctite® "Do it Right" User's Guide

(1.41 MB)
Quick reference guide to the proper application of Loctite® maintenance products.


(2.54 MB)
Guide Faites-le bien. Guide de référence rapide sur l´application appropriée des produits de maintenance Loctite®

Loctite® Maintenance Workshop

(9.73 MB)
With a 2 hour in-plant workshop, your staff will learn to reduce downtime and increase reliability of your critical equipment. Customizable to suit your plant's needs.

Loctite® Industrial Pumps Workshop

The Loctite® Pump rebuild and maintenance workshop was designed to enhance maintenance techniques, solve common failures, and improve pump reliability.

Loctite® Air Leak Prevention Program

(0.59 MB)
Henkel designed a program to detect gas leaks at your plant using an ultrasonic leak detector, document the gas leak losses and associated costs and identify the proper leak prevention procedure.

Loctite® Fluid Compatibility Chart

(0.06 MB)
Fluid Compatibility chart for metal threaded fittings sealed with Loctite Anaerobic Sealants

Loctite® Products in Wastewater Treatment Plants

(0.40 MB)
Recommended applications for Loctite® products in Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Products at Work in Mines and Quarries

(7.48 MB)

Recommended Applications for Loctite® Products in Mines and Quarries. (932 KB)


Loctite® Nordbak® Wear Resistant Coatings

(0.74 MB)
Loctite® Nordbak® Wear Resistant Coatings Rebuild, Repair and Protect Industrial Equipment Brochure

Loctite® Silicone Power Cans

Loctite® brand Silicones now come in a new dispensing system, specifically designed for easy application with fingertip control.

Loctite® QuickTite® Instant Adhesive Gel

(0.57 MB)
Loctite® QuickTite® Instant Adhesive Gel is a general-purpose instant adhesive featuring an innovative, precision flow control applicator.

Loctite® Fixmaster® Marine Chocking

A two-part epoxy system recommended for the installation of main engines and other equipment.

Loctite® 55™ Pipe Sealing Cord

(0.364 MB)
Loctite® 55™ replaces tapes and dopes on pipes.

Epoxy Application Guide

(1.34 MB)

A manual designed to assist maintenance personnel through many common everyday repairs using Loctite® epoxies. Repair procedures listed for Pipe and Ducting, Keyways, Heat Exchanger & Condensers, Splines, Pumps and more.


Loctite® Nordbak® Crusher Repair Products

(0.28 MB)

A four page brochure detailing our line of crusher repair backing materials.


Loctite® Fixmaster® Magna-Crete Prep & Install

(0.56 MB)

Loctite® Fixmaster® Magna-Crete is the fast, all-weather concrete repair and grouting system that dramatically out-performs conventional concrete repairs.


Loctite® Anti-Seize Lubricants

(0.82 MB)

Loctite® Anti-seize compounds developed to protect metal parts from rust, corrosion, galling and seizing.


Loctite® ViperLube® Synthetic Lubricants

(1.23 MB)

Loctite® ViperLube® synthetic lubricant line including grease, lightweight oils and gear oils all NSF-1 approved.


Loctite® Big Foot™ Anti-Slip Coatings

(2.08 MB)
Loctite® Big Foot™ Anti-Slip Coatings are strong and aggressive products that help prevent slips and falls.

Fixmaster® Flooring and Grout

(0.16 MB)

Loctite® Fixmaster® concrete repair and grout instructions.


Loctite® Fixmaster® Belt Repair Urethanes

(0.13 MB)

Loctite® Fixmaster® Belt Repair Urethanes prevent premature wear of belt splices and repair conveyer belts and other damaged rubber equipment.


Loctite® Pipe Repair Kit

(0.14 MB)

Instructional sheet for using Loctite® Pipe Repair Kit.


Loctite® QuickStix™

(0.39 MB)

Describes the features and benefits of the full line semi-solid Loctite® product formulas.


Loctite® Concrete Solutions


Includes a Concrete Repair catalog and a Flooring Sealants Systems catalog.  Both describe the features and benefits of the concrete repair and flooring products and include technical reference charts and application case histories.



Flashcure® Adhesives

(1.02 MB)

Loctite® products for Tack-Free Curing in a FLASH. Flashcure® technology provides all the benefits of light cure acrylic and cyanoacrylate technologies with none of the limitations.


Flexible Instant Adhesives

(0.20 MB)

Flexible Instant Adhesives from Loctite® stretch the limits of cyanoacrylate adhesive technology, even under the most stressful conditions. Brochure includes listings for products suitable for difficult bonding applications and faster fixture speeds.


Light Cure Acrylic Adhesive System for Tubing

(0.11 MB)

Learn about a system that rapidly and consistently applies a uniform coating of light cure adhesive to the outer diameter of tubing.


Light Cure Technology


Shortly after the commercialization of UV (ultraviolet) light sources over three decades ago, Loctite pioneered the development of light curing adhesives, sealants and coatings for industrial applications. These are materials which cure or harden (polymerize) when exposed to light of appropriate wavelength and intensity.


Indigo™ Visible Light Cure Technology

(373 KB)

A brochure describing the Loctite® Indigo® line of Visible Light Cure Equipment, which includes flood systems and LED light systems.


Loctite® Solutions That Cure™

(1.13 MB)

NEWLY UPDATED!!! The updated medical brochure showcases a series of 11 application stories where specific design and production challenges were solved using Loctite® adhesive products and engineering services. These case histories include the latest information on needle bonding, tubing assembly, and hearing aid fabrication. The brochure also features information on Henkel's comprehensive engineering services and training programs.


Loctite® Needle Bonding Design Guide

(1.65 MB)

This guide is designed to provide a step-by-step process for quickly and effectively selecting adhesives that are well suited for a specific needle design.


Resinaid® Products for Fabrication of Hearing Aids

(829 KB)

Products for the Fabrication of Hearing Aids



Metalworking Capabilities

(1.43 MB)

Henkel offers metalworking solutions for light-metal, steel and cast-iron applications to a variety of industries including aerospace, transportation and industrial.


Metal Pretreatment Technologies

(0.79 MB)

Henkel offers surface pretreatment solutions for a wide variety of industries such as automotive assembly and general industrial.


Product Overview - Metal Forming

(0.96 MB)

A guide to Henkel’s outstanding variety of metal forming products.


Product Overview - Metal Removal

(0.91 MB)

Henkel offers metal removal solutions for a variety of industries including aerospace, transportation and industrial.


Metal Packaging

(8.44 MB)

Loctite® packaging products for aluminum and tin-plate steel cans, including sealants, lubricants and cleaners, as well as process control equipment.


Chemical Specialties

(2.19 MB)

Henkel provides chemical specialty solutions for common and unique challenges faced by many industries, including automotive, industrial, aerospace, container and steel. These include Paint Booth Products, Purge Solvents and Line Cleaners, Plastic Pretreatment and Maintenance and Production Aids.



Design Guide for Electric Motors and Generators

(4.39 MB)

Henkel’s Design Guide for Electric Motors and Generators includes a Loctite® product selector, as well as comprehensive guides to adhesive chemistries and typical applications.



Speaker Assembly Adhesives Guide

(0.72 MB)

Specifically for design and manufacturing engineers at major loudspeaker manufacturing companies.


Specialty Vehicles

Thomas Bus Case History

(1.33 MB)

There are interesting contradictions that the automotive industry faces every day.  This case history shows how adhesives and structural foams deliver lighter, tougher vehicles.

Work Truck and Trailer

(11.9 MB)

Thanks to Loctite® and Teroson® brand products, assemblies such as truck bodies,
trailers, material transport vehicles, utility trucks and emergency vehicles are stronger, more reliable, quieter and better looking than ever before.



Trailer Body Builders® Structural Metal Bonding

(0.405 MB)

Article on how Loctite® structural adhesives have been effective in replacing rivets and mechanical fasteners in truck body and trailer manufacturing, with no loss in long-term durability.


Recreational Vehicles Applications Guide

(4.74 MB)

Henkel’s Recreational Vehicles Applications Guide offers information on Henkel adhesives, sealants and surface treatments for vehicle chassis, floors, and assembly.